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Secondary School Transfers

At Frank Barnes School, we aim to start the secondary transfer process when the children are in year 5. This allows you sufficient time to consider all the secondary school options open to you.

The Deputy Headteacher is responsible for the Secondary Transfer Process, she will organise a secondary transfer meeting during spring term for parents of Year 5 at Frank Barnes School. The aim of the meeting is to familiarise parents with the range of secondary schools for deaf children that are available. You will have the opportunity to hear about different schools and discuss any issues you may have regarding your child’s needs with the Deputy Headteacher. A representative from the NDCS (National Deaf Children Society) can be available following this meeting if necessary.  


The Deputy Headteacher will arrange dates for group visits for parents and children to a selection of schools within and outside the London area. In some cases, the school may be able to provide someone to accompany you on a visit. We do strongly recommend that you do go and see the different secondary schools for yourselves with your child and make informed choices regarding the secondary school that best meets your child’s needs.


When your child enters Year 6 in September, a Secondary Transfer/EHCP meeting will be arranged and chaired by the Deputy Headteacher who will raise the issue of which possible choice of school you would like your child to attend. A SEN rep from your LA will be present at the meeting. 

Please refer to the school policy on Secondary Transfer Process