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Home School Communication Project

Can you imagine not being able to communicate fully with your child? Can you envisage not being able to share jokes, tell stories, share your knowledge and values or to be able to reassure your child when they are worried or upset?

This is a reality that faces many Deaf children and their families. 

The Home School Communication Project aims to address this and support the families of Deaf children in learning sign language and enabling them to improve their communication with their Deaf child.

The aim of this project is to support communication between children and their families/carers at home. This project aims to break down communication barriers and increase fluency in British Sign Language (BSL) in their home environment. We aim to improve communication through BSL between parents, families, siblings and the wider community. A priority of the project is to actively address the issue of language deprivation and limited communication at home by engaging with and working directly with families.

The project is facilitated by Family Communication Support Workers (FCSW), visiting families on a weekly basis at home to develop their BSL skills. Sign language is taught through a combination of one-to-one tuition, pairs / group work and games using BSL to encourage interaction between the parents/families and their Deaf child. Most importantly it is fun and enjoyable!

During the Coronavirus outbreak we have been using online platforms to carry out our sessions and this is working very well, enabling us to continue to support families during the pandemic.

"My family can sign with me at home. I can tell them things and they understand. This makes me happy."-Child 


The funding of this vital project could potentially benefit the children themselves, their parents, siblings and extended family. We would expect it to potentially deliver support to over 160 people.
Frank Barnes School itself is a sign bilingual primary school for Deaf children in the London borough of Camden – the only one of its kind in the whole London area.  It is recognised as a Centre of Excellence both nationally and internationally. We set up this project to support the families of children attending our school.

"The Home School Communication project has been fantastic. The sign language lessons at home have helped us communicate with our child. Not only that, it has helped the whole family learn sign language"-Parent


We do not receive any additional funding for this project and our only option is to raise funds ourselves. Please support us; any donations will be gratefully received and will benefit Deaf children and their families directly.