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School Enrichment

We place great importance on enriching our children’s education and learning experience. We do this through a broad range of activities, inviting visitors into school and ensuring that they all take part in a full range of day trips as well as a week-long residential for children in Year 5 or 6.


Trips include:

  • London Aquarium and Zoo
  • A rich diversity of London’s museums: eg the Natural History Museum, Maritime Museum and the Science Museum
  • Experiences like canal boat trips and the London Eye


In addition, every year we put on a Christmas production based on a pantomime selected by our children. Prior to the performance, workshops are held on prop making, face painting, drama and costume making.


Frank Barnes has achieved Healthy School status and strongly advocates children having a healthy lifestyle, being active and learning to be as independent as possible.

Subject and Collaboration Days

We enjoy whole school subject days to support curriculum learning and enrichment and host these throughout the year in conjunction with world events.

We enjoyed a fantastic British Science Week from Monday 11th to Friday 15th March 2024. The theme was ‘Time’. All classes conducted an experiment related to ‘Time’. Each class had a Science Day on a different day of the week. In the last hour, all classes visited the class who hosted their Science Day.

The Science Day Class presented their findings, explained their science experiment, plan, conclusion and showed their experiment example for us all to watch. Planned experiments were:

  • Unicorn – Sand Timers (Making sand timers and how using more or less sand adjusts the time it takes to fall.)
  • Mermaid – Growing Up (A timeline from birth to now.)
  • Dragon – Seasonal Changes (What changes are there and making bird nests.)
  • Werewolf – Melting Ice (What makes ice melt the fastest?)
  • Vampire 1 – Melting Chocolate (Which chocolate melts the fastest and why.)
  • Vampire 2 – Fabric Absorption (Which fabric absorbs water the fastest and slowest with including variables.)


A joint Science Collaboration with Heathlands School took place on Wednesday 13th March. Our Vampire Class and Heathlands Class presented two science experiment results to each other that they did earlier in the week. Then spent the day seeing, making and investigating various science experiments: Elephant Toothpaste, Dry Ice, Methane Bubbles and Bath bombs.

Microbit Workshop with Frank Barnes School and King's Cross Academy

A joint collaboration Computing project between two schools: Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children and King's Cross Academy took place on Thursday 29th February 2024. “Digital Leaders” Year 4-Year 6 from KCA with Year 4-Year 6 FBS pupils joined up to learn about Micro:bit, what this is (a minicomputer!), coding, input/output and programming different selections. Pupils from each school paired up to programme their micro:bit into spelling out their names, playing rock, paper and scissors against each other and later, turned the micro:bit into a sorting hat putting children in different houses! Taught by KCA Computing teacher with Frank Barnes class staff, a really good amalgamation of teaching staff that made the afternoon work really well. A great fun learning afternoon was had by all. Feedback from pupils was they wanted to do this again, make this a regular learning experience, liked learning about micro:bit and working in pairs.

Lunchtime Clubs


We have weekly lunchtime bike and running clubs as part of our PE and Sport Development encouraging more physical activities throughout the school term. Some children take part in a weekly scooter club at lunchtimes to support their balance and coordination skills. 


We also have a News Club where a group of children work together to write and publish the school newspaper called Fantastic Frank News!


Additionally, we now have a weekly BSL Sign Signing Choir club with Kings Cross Academy pupils! Check out the video of FBS and KCA pupils sign signing "Let it Snow" and "Silent Night" for the Christmas season. 


Let it Snow! 

Silent Night 

Silent Night Sign Singing Choir by FBS and KCA

'Let It Snow' Sign Singing Choir by Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children and Kings Cross Academy.

Signed in BSL and sung in English following traditional 'Let it Snow, Let it Snow' lyrics with music in the background.