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Attendance, Late and Absence Procedures

Parents need to request all leave of absence in advance with evidence e.g. doctor's appointment letter/email/text; hospital letter, etc. A 'Leave of Absence Request Form' can be downloaded here. Please return your completed form via your child's home-school book or email it to

Our whole school attendance target for Frank Barnes School is 92%. The national school attendance target is 95%, pupils of statutory school age (5+) should aim to exceed this target.


We hold good attendance certificates assemblies every half term to reward good attendance: 92+% is good; 95+% is excellent and 100% is outstanding.


Any absence except for illness, which is not requested in advance will be unauthorised.


Leave of absence for holidays during term are generally not permitted, but may be considered in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Headteacher.


Please refer to our 'Attendance Policy' for further details.