What parents say

“Frank Barnes is a fantastic school where my child has developed very well, educationally, socially and emotionally.”

“Frank Barnes supports parents with their communication skills enabling children to continue their learning at home which is invaluable.”

“My child is in the best place she could possibly be. I can’t imagine anywhere else that could meet her needs as a whole child”

“Frank Barnes is a lovely welcoming school. The children and teachers are all lovely and helpful. I’m enjoying learning BSL lessons.”

“The staff at Frank Barnes are always happy to help and answer my questions. The school is very forthcoming and I have really enjoyed taking sign language classes.”

“Frank Barnes has been a great place to learn BSL. I have witnessed how dedicated and happy the staff and children are. It is such a calm, caring and nurturing environment.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all your support and reassurance. Once again, Frank Barnes has gone above and beyond the call of duty. There is a phrase I heard once which says ‘He who saves a single life saves the world entire’. I am truly humbled by all you continue to do for my daughter and for deaf children.”

Case study:

“From our side as parents, the school home communications, the listening ear and timely good advice were very much appreciated. Stephanie is very thankful for the Parents’ Signing Classes and the skills she was able to gain which helped her to communicate better with Samuel. These skills have also been put to a good use as we have been able to advocate and get involved with a Deaf Sunday School in the heart of London which we think is something unique.

To summarise, overall we had a great experience with Frank Barnes and we have no hesitation in recommending it to other parents.”

Emile and Stephanie Georges

Our Approach

Samuel joined Frank Barnes School when he was 2 and a half years old and stayed at the school until the age of 11 when he moved to Mary Hare School for secondary education.

As Samuel’s speech developed, the school worked with his family encouraging and assisting them to support his oral language skills at home in preparation for secondary schooling.

Frank Barnes’ approach combines:

  • A high level of signing as the foundation of encouraging all forms of communications
  • Close working relationships between pupils and teachers
  • A focus on the individual – styles of learning and a commitment to meeting individual needs
  • Opportunities to celebrate pupils’ achievement across a range of areas such as drama, sport and art
  • An environment that provides support while ensuring pupils are encouraged to achieve their very best
  • A genuine understanding to working in partnership – with parents, each other, pupils, fellow professionals and the school community

The Outcomes

Parents’ feedback confirmed that they found the support from the school empowering, helping them to understand the local authority process and to make critical decisions about Samuel’s ongoing education from an informed position.

Samuel grew in confidence during his years at Frank Barnes as he moved through primary education and was equipped to make a confident start to his secondary education.

Parents describe a combination of good home-school communications, the Frank Barnes School’s ‘listening ear’ and the good advice they received as key to the progress Samuel made, along with the support they were able to provide him.

Survey results

Following recent parental survey please see the results.

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