Key Stages 1 & 2

We provide a curriculum that is interactive, enjoyable and visual. We have high expectations and all children are taught the National Curriculum subjects through a bilingual approach.

Our small class sizes, and a high number of teaching support staff guarantee individual attention. Lessons are delivered in a way that is appropriate to the subject and to the children’s varied learning styles. Each class is taught by a deaf and a hearing member of staff. This provides the children with bilingual role models.

In addition to this, each child is provided with an individualised speech and language therapy programme. Our aim is to support our children to develop communication skills that will enable them to reach their full potential and develop successful relationships.

In addition to the National Curriculum we provide a National Deaf Studies curriculum.

Reading (Key Stage 1):

We use the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) Scheme and the Visual Phonics by Hand programme.
The ORT scheme is categorised into Bookband colours which are linked to National Curriculum Reading levels.

Our approach:

We have daily individual guided reading sessions with pupils as well as shared whole class reading activities in Literacy lessons. We use BSL for reading comprehension, and Visual Phonics to support decoding, to include blending and segmenting of words. Sign Supported English is used to support the translation from English to BSL and vice-versa.

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