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What is the school local offer?


The Frank Barnes School 'Local Offer' provides information, in one place on our website, about how we support Deaf children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) throughout their time with us. Our Local Offer describes how we support the children on to the next stage of their education. Our SEN Policy explains in detail our daily provision.


Frank Barnes School works in partnership with Camden Local Authority (LA) and other schools in the area in order to share our resources and expertise. Camden LA’s local offer can be found at


Their Camden Local Authority Local Offer sets out information about the specialist services, schools, colleges and organisations that can provide support for families of children and young people with SEND. It explains procedures for requesting an assessment for an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). You will also find information about:

  • Where to go for advice and guidance on SEN and Disability matters
  • Arrangements for resolving disagreements and mediation


Why do we have a school Local Offer?


The purpose of Frank Barnes School’s local offer is to inform parents and carers about:

  • How we welcome deaf children with special educational needs and disabilities;
  • How we support them in all aspects of school life and remove barriers to achievement;
  • How we work in close partnership with parents/carers and children;
  • How we make effective provision for all of our children with special educational needs and disabilities – SEND.
  • We will keep our local offer under review by asking parents and children what is working well and what they want to improve.


The next review date for our school local offer is Autumn 2022.


What kind of school is Frank Barnes?


We are a small and friendly Camden primary school for Deaf children age between 5 yrs old to 11 yrs old. We have a nursery for children aged 2-4. Frank Barnes has a national and international reputation as a centre of excellence for Deaf education.


Quotes from our  2017 OFSTED report:

“The leadership team has maintained the outstanding quality of education in the school since the last inspection”


“… standards have remained high and the school continues to improve”.


“Leaders and governors of both schools [FBS and KCA] are firmly committed to developing collaborative and inclusive working practices”


“… teaching and learning standards remain high and pupils continue to make excellent progress”

“Pupils are provided with opportunities to apply their skills across all subjects and during regular trips and visits outside the school”


“Accurate starting points are established when pupils join the school. Nearly all pupils make at least good progress across all subjects and classes.”


“Some individuals make outstanding progress from very low starting points due to the effective support they receive”. 


“The curriculum is innovative”


“Pupils are challenged to think deeply about their work and are proud of what they achieve”


“Safeguarding systems are robust… and take into account the latest guidance [with] a very comprehensive safeguarding policy..”

External professionals enjoy working with our children at Frank Barnes School. They often comment on their confidence and happy nature.


“Your students are so impressive – open, creative, self assured and fearless. Their poetry, performances and drawings were truly remarkable, deeply evocative and moving… It was truly heartwarming – not only to see the process by which the children came up with intimate and original creations, but also how our language blossomed in a place where language and literature is revered.” (Free Word)


“Thank you very much for this script for the debate on deafness in the House of Commons. It is wonderful to read that Frank Barnes is referred to as a Centre of Excellence which can act as an example for other educational centres.” (Educational Psychologist, Camden)


Our vision


  • We want to provide a high quality education for all of our children through a bilingual learning environment.
  • We have high expectations of all of our children’s social, emotional and academic development.
  • We believe that effective communication, praise, celebration of success and quality teaching and learning will enable each child to reach their full potential.
  • We value and respect the parents/carers because they are the first educators of their child and we will always involve them in the planning and reviewing of their child’s progress.
  • We know that the earlier we provide support for children with SEND, the more successful they will be.
  • We will always strive to provide expert support and resources for children with SEND.
  • We aim to develop high levels of self-esteem and confidence in all of our children so they view themselves as successful, independent learners.
  • Throughout school life, all the children develop a positive Deaf identity which prepares them for secondary education and adulthood.
  • We welcome and respect all members of the school community and value everyone equally.
  • We aim to promote justice, fairness and equality in all areas of school life.


How we learn with and from other schools?


We are a learning community and believe it is important to work with other schools and organisations to make sure that our knowledge, expertise and skills on SEND are up to date. We also share and discuss what is considered to be best practice with other schools in teaching children with SEND, for example:


  • We offer visitors mornings for professionals to come in and observe good practice in deaf education including those with SEND;
  • Our Teaching Assistants (TAs) are given the opportunity to visit other schools to observe other TAs and discuss good practice on how to enhance the children’s learning individually or as a group;
  • We participate in inclusion projects with local schools and the community
  • The teachers are involved in moderation meetings with other deaf and special needs schools to discuss and agree different levels for the children’s work;
  • Our SENCO attends the Local Authority SENCO forum which keeps all schools up to date with national developments and local projects on inclusion.


Communicating the local offer


If you wish to find out more information about SEN, we will arrange for the SENCO or Headteacher to meet you and answer your questions: please let us know if you require an interpreter. We have an in-house BSL interpreter for Deaf parents and teachers.


Frank Barnes School Local Offer links to the information which Camden LA provides for parents and carers of children with SEND. Please visit their website:


Who do you contact for more information?


Our Headteacher is Dani Sive. He can be contacted via the office. Please email him on


Our SENCO is Katie Johnston. Please email her on


Our Deputy Headteacher is Catherine Drew. Please email her on

Our SEN Governor is Robert Adam. Please contact him on  


Our School Business Manager is Angela Scheffer. Please contact her on


Our School Nurse is Natalie Emmett. Please contact her on


Our Educational Audiologist is Tony Gillies. Please contact him on


If you are unsure of who to contact regarding an issue or request, please email the office and they will direct your email to the correct person. You can contact the office on


Alternatively you can contact us by:

Phone: 020 7391 7040
Text: 07970 626197