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Frank Barnes Staff go to Nepal 22 January 2019

A group of staff members from Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children are traveling to Nepal voluntarily to help transform a dormitory room for impoverished children who attend Sri Jana Deaf School. In vast contrast to our lovely school here in Kings Cross, and our extremely fortunate children, these Nepalese children have very basic school facilities in their classrooms, and charitable funding for this school has unfortunately stopped, instead the school has to rely on government funding.

As this funding is extremely limited, it can only be used to supply the basics; i.e. desks, chairs, blackboards and chalk. These children deserve more and the Frank Barnes team want to try and help in whatever small ways they can.

Whilst some of these children travel to school, around half of the students – approx. 125, live at school in dormitories. These rooms are very dark and grotty, and in desperate need of a revamp! They want to make a small difference for these children, and with your help, they can transform their rooms into a clean, welcoming environment for them to live in!

Frank Barnes’ team will be scraping off the old paint, filling cracks and holes, sanding and painting the room to completely revamp the look – help us to get there!

As this trip is completely voluntary, there are costs that we need help to cover, including: accommodation, food, travel within Nepal and the materials used for the revamp. Staff have already covered the costs of flights themselves. Any donations to support them are incredibly appreciated and go straight towards the project!

If you would like to contribute to this project then please go to


Thank you for your support

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