Meet The Staff

We have a strong and diverse team of deaf and hearing professionals who work closely together to meet our children’s needs. These include qualified Teachers of the Deaf, a Deaf Instructor, Teaching Assistants, a Sign Language Interpreter, an Educational Audiologist, Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. We also work closely with other professionals to ensure every child’s needs are fully met.

Our staff are experts in their field and are committed to sharing best practice and constantly learning, developing and innovating so that our school continues to offer the very best education to deaf children.

If you are interested in working at Frank Barnes, please see here for our latest vacancies.


  • Dani Sive, Assistant Headteacher

    Dani Sive
    Assistant Headteacher

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    Katherine O’Grady
    Classteacher and Team Leader

  • Catherine Drew, Leader of Bilingual Practice

    Catherine Drew
    Leader of Bilingual Practice

  • Rachel Gillingham, Classteacher & Teacher Governor

    Rachel Gillingham
    Classteacher & Teacher Governor

  • Angela Scheffer
    School Business Manager

  • Jo Lomax - Finance Officer

    Jo Lomax
    Business Administrator - Finance

  • Pamela Trace Gardner, Business Support 2

    Pamela Trace Gardner
    Bilingual Receptionist

  • Michele Gordon
    Business Administrator

  • Julia Hussey
    Senior Early Years Educator

  • Becca Citroen
    Class Teacher

  • Anthony Gillies
    Teacher of the Deaf & Educational Audiologist

  • Jodie Griffiths, Higher Level Teaching Assistant 2

    Jodie Griffiths
    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Manula Shah, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Manula Shah
    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mischa Cooke
    Acting Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Debbie Slayford, Teaching Assistant

    Debbie Slayford
    Teaching Assistant

  • Eleni Botonaki,  BSL Tutor

    Eleni Botonaki
    BSL Tutor

  • Grisha Malik, Teaching Assistant

    Grisha Malik
    Teaching Assistant

  • Minara Begum, Teaching Assistant

    Minara Begum
    Teaching Assistant

  • Sheyana Harewood, Teaching Assistant

    Sheyana Harewood
    Teaching Assistant

  • Bhavna Patel, Teaching Assistant

    Bhavna Badiyani
    Teaching Assistant

  • Anastasiya Simsone, Teaching Assistant

    Anastasiya Simsone
    Teaching Assistant

  • Vanessa Nkosi, Teaching Assistant

    Vanessa Nkosi
    Teaching Assistant

  • Seval Ordek
    Teaching Assistant

  • Charlotte Morten
    Teaching Assistant

  • Mandy Tobin
    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Lee Smith
    Teaching Assistant

  • Hiral Shah
    Teaching Assistant

  • Becca Bailey
    Teaching Assistant

  • Karla Green
    In-House BSL Interpreter

  • Clare Trigg
    British Sign Language Interpreter

  • Sandeep Deo
    British Sign Language Interpreter

  • Wendy Martin, Speech & Language Therapist

    Wendy Martin
    Speech & Language Therapist

  • Caroline Sherrick
    Speech and Language Therapist

  • Edmund Lepre, BSL Tutor

    Edmund Lepre
    BSL Tutor

  • Elizabeth Cordwell,  BSL Tutor

    Elizabeth Cordwell
    BSL Tutor

  • Matthew Banks, BSL NVQ Level 6 Assessor

    Matthew Banks
    BSL NVQ Level 6 Assessor

  • Jeffery Drew,  BSL Tutor and BSL NVQ Level 6 Internal Verifier

    Jeffery Drew
    BSL Tutor and BSL NVQ Level 6 Internal Verifier

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