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Visit to St Pancras Lock 14 February 2017

On Friday 2nd February, children in Africa, South America and Australia classes went to visit St Pancras Lock.

First, we walked to the London Canal Museum and participated in a problem solving activity. We had a go at building model canal bridges and we discussed which shapes were the best shapes to construct bridges. We then put weights on our bridges to see whose bridge was the strongest. We all had fun doing this activity!

We hopped on a barge outside the Canal Museum and enjoyed a short ride on the water and we then stopped outside Granary Square. We walked to the empty 15ft lock. There was no water in the lock so we all walked at the bottom. We were not allowed to touch the walls as they were very dirty. The project engineer talked to us about what they were doing and why it was important to clean the locks. We learnt that the locks are cleaned every 25 years!

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